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Access Control For High-Value Information Assets

SBX Enigma™, sextars's core technology, has a single purpose - to help organisations control access to their most sensitive and valuable databases, documents, or other IT assets. SBX achieves this objective with two primary capabilities:

Centralised Access Management

First, SBX serves as a centralised, instantly available resource for your applications & services, providing them with fine-grained, up-to-the-minute knowledge about who can access what. In this way, applications become standalone security frameworks. Read more...

Fine-Grained Data Protection

Second, SBX Enigma™ provides a safe place to store your highest-value information – PII, Tax IDs, encryption keys – that might be compromised if maintained in traditional repositories. Read more...


Secure Services Suite

SBX Enigma™ provides the pervasive security framework for a suite of browser-based applications that address some of the most difficult IT issues facing organizations.

Secure Messaging
SBX SecureShare™ Express - designed for your routine workflow:
  • Familiar, email-like interface
  • Streamlined secure messaging
  • Secure file attachment
  • Full revocation capability
  • Comprehensive audit tracking
Secure File Sharing
SBX SecureShare™- designed for high-security environments:
  • Fine-grained role separation
  • Role-based GUI
  • Rigid process controls
  • Temporal controls (date & time)
  • Full revocation capability
  • Comprehensive audit tracking
File Redaction
SBX Redactor™- designed for secure exposure of file content across multiple user classes based on access privileges:
  • Advanced file redaction
  • Single, one-time process across multiple classifications
  • Comprehensive audit tracking
Multi-Database Access
SBX DataBroker™ - designed to provide Need-To-Know controls for SOA-type environments:
  • Single-point access management
  • Concurrent service access across multiple databases & database types
  • Comprehensive audit tracking
Encryption Key Management
SBX KeyManager™ - designed to provide secure encryption key management:
  • Key management within the SBX internal datastore, a native SBX functionality
  • Web interface supports manual interaction
  • API interface automates Application/Service interaction
  • Comprehensive audit tracking
Consolidated Audit
SBX AuditCentral™ - designed to consolidate disparate audit logs:
  • Native SBX functionality
  • Data driven interface, near real-time
  • API interface automates Application/Service interaction in real-time
  • Rules-based alerts

News & Announcements

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30 Jul 09 - sextars Sponsors AIIA Event On Cyber Security


30 Apr 09 - Common Criteria Certification Awarded

18 Dec 08 - Australian Data Security Patent Awarded

03 Mar 08 - US Data Security Patent Awarded

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